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Whistle Blower Policy
Audited Financial Statements
Subsidiary Accounts
Notice of Adjourned AGM(29.09.16)
Notice of EOGM(07.10.16)
Letter to stock exchange after redemption- September 18, 2016
Credit rating
Final-Annual Report-THPL-2016-Final.pdf
AGM Notice - 2016.pdf
Annual General Meeting Notice-04.08.2015.pdf
EGM Notice 21 01 16
Notice EGM 30.03.15
Notice EGM 13.07.2015 - THL
Annual Report 2014-15
Debenture Trustee details
Contact Information for Investor Grievances
Letter to Stock Exchange after redemption
Terms of appointment of Independent Director
Extra-ordinary General Meeting Notice 30.12.2014
Extra-ordinary General Meeting Notice 22.09.2014
Annual General Meeting notice 28.07.2014
Extra-ordinary General Meeting Notice 03.06.2014 THL
Standalone Financial Statements 2016 – THPL
Consolidated Financial Statements 2016-THPL
Standalone Financial Statements 2015
Consolidated Financial Statements 2015
Auditors report and consolidated accounts
Auditors report and standalone accounts March 2014
CWDL Acounts 2016
TRS Accounts 2016
CWDL Acounts 2015
Tesco Accounts 2015
VSCL Accounts Standalone 2015
CWDL-Audited Accounts

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